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OBOS Block Watne is now environmentally certified

As part of the OBOS Group, OBOS Block Watne takes its green responsibilities seriously.

We have established a number of environmental measures over time in order to meet the goals we have set. A new milestone was reached when we were environmentally certified in autumn 2019.

OBOS Block Watne works actively for the climate and the environment As a part of the OBOS Group, we have adopted a green responsibility over time by establishing a number of environmental measures throughout our value chain.

We have been certified in the management system NS-EN ISO 9001/Quality since 1994 but we have now taken a new step within sustainability. This autumn we were environmentally certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 14001/Environment.

“We are very proud of this. We have focused on ensuring that we operate in accordance with Norwegian legislation, the system requirements of the NS-EN ISO standards and relevant market trends in order to be a competitive and trustworthy homebuilder. This certificate means that we are able to confirm and communicate a message to both our customers and to society that Block Watne AS is a responsible actor on climate and environmental issues,” says John Erling Aarnes, Director of Operational Units at OBOS Block Watne.

What does ISO-14001 mean?

But what does ISO-14001 certification actually entail? This is the international standard for environmental management. It shows that a company has the best practice for proactive management of its impact on the environment. The actual certification process is conducted by a third party, which means that customers can be assured that the company is reducing the environmental impact of the entire value chain to a minimum. Auditing firm Nemko AS was responsible for the environmental certification of OBOS Block Watne.

This type of environmental management is general, which means that it is suitable for organisations in all types of sectors. The certification has been developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

The standard requires us to map every type of environmental impact in our work and to then implement measures to mitigate the impact, i.e. this precautionary policy extends further than merely fulfilling a regulation, but focuses on continuous improvements.

What has OBOS Block Watne done to achieve this?

OBOS Block Watne has a genuine interest in good quality and environmental performance and uses a significant amount of resources each year to enhance the quality of everything it does.

We have drawn up a specific quality and environmental policy for our entire operation. This policy explains to the company’s external and internal stakeholders how we take our part of social responsibility for developing sustainable houses that focus on quality and the environment.

Each year OBOS Block Watne stipulates quality and environmental goals that the company wishes to achieve and which our technical management works systematically towards in connection with the day-to-day operation of the company. Also, each department of the company has the opportunity to stipulate its own local quality and environmental goals in their respective projects. This is in order to be a preferred and competitive homebuilder for customers in the districts in which we operate.

We use subject-specific digital system tools and system documents for practical use and support in order to document compliance with the requirements for quality and the environment in business processes. The result is that the entire value chain is quality assured in accordance with specific requirements, up to completion of the house.

How do we quality assure our work?

Each year we conduct internal system audits and external certification audits in several of the company's departments. Block Watne selects different projects in which, together with a qualified and externally independent auditor, it reviews the quality assurance work that is being conducted in connection with the projects. This audit is carried out by an external auditor and is completed together with representatives from the company's technical management team. In addition, Block Watne's executive management conducts annual evaluations of the internal control system based on the results of the audits and other internal subject-specific reports.

We have practised this method of external and internal compliance control at OBOS Block Watne since 1994. This leads to increased awareness with regard to holistic evaluation and reflection on the company's quality and environmental performance, as well as a focus on continuous improvement. This also helps to reduce risk for both customers and the company and also helps to ensure that neither the plot nor the house suffer from negative quality and environmental impacts.

As a customer of OBOS Block Watne, in practice, this means that you can simply enjoy life in your new home. Our competent employees and suppliers on the project work systematically to develop sustainable houses.