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Quality and the environment

Quality and the environment are important to us, and we are constantly setting new goals in order to improve. Read more here about the processes that help us stand out as a developer who focuses on quality and the environment.

OBOS Block Watne has a genuine interest in quality and the environment, and every year we use considerable resources to improve our performance within these areas.

This requires an holistic culture and awareness in the company as well as planning, organisation and structure. Thus, all OBOS Block Watne employees work in accordance with an internal control system, which provides them with the necessary tools to ensure that they focus on quality and the environment on every level.

“The internal control system will help us reach the goals we have set. The quality system provides employees in different roles/departments with an overview and insight as well as a checklist for all procedures associated with the various parts of a project,” explains Ole Magnus Huser, District Manager at OBOS Block Watne.

Offering you security as a customer

The internal control system is based on the requirements stipulated in Norwegian legislation and the principles that form the basis of ISO standards NS-EN ISO 9001 and NS-EN ISO 14001 concerning environmental and quality management.

The system aims to ensure that we can constantly improve ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to document all stages of a project on an ongoing basis, and we can carry out internal controls and external certification audits.

“This means that, as a customer, you can feel assured that you are receiving a good product and that the construction process and the house will not needlessly harm the environment. We will deliver high-quality houses that will last for many years,” says Huser.

OBOS Block Watne is a leading actor within house construction with over 140 years experience. We want to take responsibility for people, society and the environment and shall help ensure that sustainable houses are built with a focus on quality and the environment.

Each process is quality assured before the next stage

OBOS Block Watne's internal control system was established as early as 1994 and since this time has helped us to improve. We are constantly setting new goals that help us deliver the best product, while we also take into account and contribute to the environment in all our processes.

“Before we have even purchased a plot, we will verify that the plot is in accordance with our quality and environmental goals. Are there any vulnerable species in the area, or does the plot comprise cultivated land? If so, our planning must take into account the species throughout the process while also looking after the topsoil properly,” says Huser.

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UN goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

The goal concerns:
“Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” 

What we do:
“We will always strive to achieve more than the minimum standard and that all projects offer something extra beyond what is stipulated in the technical provisions and requirements.