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Article about OBOS Block Watne's apprentice program

Dedicated programme for apprentices

We ensure that up-and-coming carpenters have the most optimal conditions for a long life in the profession.

Thus, it is important for us to employ the best carpenters, and we achieve this through a dedicated programme for apprentices. In order to ensure the best quality in the construction process and always maintain high standards of craftsmanship, we offer our apprentice carpenters the best tools, equipment, theoretical input and competent mentors. This is how we ensure that our apprentices have the proper conditions for a long life in the profession.

Learning the construction process from A to Z

Through a dedicated programme for apprentices, our apprentices will receive first-hand knowledge of modern housebuilding with regard to architecture, materials and tools. Apprentices will gain an intimate insight into the entire process from drawings, design and construction to building – all the way to completion.

The freedom to specialise

By having intimate knowledge of the entire construction process, apprentices also have the opportunity to develop themselves within their own specialised field. We want apprentices to work in the area in which they are most competent so that they perform to the best of their ability during the construction process.

Option for further training

There are excellent opportunities for different types of jobs at the company. We have several inspiring examples of carpenters who have become construction supervisors, project managers and sales consultants. OBOS Block Watne offers the opportunity for in-service training and continuing education.

Good equipment

In order to achieve the highest quality, it is important to have the best equipment. OBOS Block Watne provides its apprentices with good quality clothing and state-of-the art equipment in a dedicated toolbox.

Good working conditions

OBOS Block Watne offers good working conditions with pension and insurance schemes. We also offer possibly the highest piecework earnings in the carpentry trade.

Work with the most competent people

With our ambitions to retain our position as Norway's leading homebuilder, we employ the most competent workers within all the various specialised fields. This means that our apprentices get to work side by side with the most talented craftspeople in Norway, who are really focused on them eventually becoming competent carpenters.

The apprentice programme:

In the apprentice programme, apprentices will be involved in building a house. The house will be built by four different carpentry teams, and each carpenter will participate in each team in order to achieve the broadest level of experience possible.

Phase 1: Building frame

We start work on the frame once the groundwork is complete. In collaboration with specialists, the apprentices will set up the load-bearing structures for the floors, walls and roof. Everything is built in situ and, naturally, all work is carried out in accordance with the latest regulations.

Phase 2: Façade

In the next phase the apprentices will be part of the team that completes the exterior of the house by installing windows, doors, panels and completing the roof of the house.

Phase 3: Interior 1

During this phase the apprentices will work on interior insulation and setting up partition walls and plasterboards to enable the plumbers and electricians to carry out their tasks. Following this, the house will be ready for tiling, painting and wallpapering. It is at this point that we start looking at how the interior of the new house will look.

Phase 4: Interior II

It is now time to complete the house. Apprentices will be involved in installing kitchen, bathroom and wardrobes as well as laying parquet flooring and skirting boards where required.

A turnkey house has now been built and is ready to receive its first residents. Through the training programme apprentices will have received invaluable first-hand knowledge of the construction process and the satisfaction of creating something lasting.

The benefits of being a carpenter at OBOS Block Watne:

  • A safe workplace – we have more 100 years of experience in the business
  • We only build new houses
  • Norway’s most efficient operating system
  • Specialised two-man teams
  • The most complete package on the market regarding pay and working conditions, as well as excellent earnings potential
  • Short piecework contracts, 1–4 weeks
  • AFP agreement (collectively agreed pension scheme)
  • Fixed working hours and minimal overtime
  • Structured and transparent employer with good routines
  • Personal benefits such as personal discounts, health services and in-service training and continuing education.
  • Safe working conditions with a strong focus on Health, the Environment and Safety
  • Teams with apprentices qualify for company grants.
  • Well-organised employee representation
  • Electronic time sheets

Our work on the UN's Sustainable Development Goal no. 8

The goal concerns:
“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

What we do:
OBOS Block Watne works actively to ensure that its carpenters have the most optimal conditions for a long life in the profession. We therefore offer our apprentice carpenters the best tools, equipment, theoretical input and competent mentors.